Your Rego Reminder Service

The only free rego reminder service online. We have all been caught out here at with forgetting to update our mailing address or simply forgotten to renew the registration. Believe us when we say the fine is not a cheap and the embarrassment of sitting on the side of the road with a police officer writing you a ticket is not something we wish to do again.

Simply register with us and get a rego reminder at 2 weeks, 1 week and finally on the due date! Simple.

Have You Been Caught Out Yet?

Never forget your rego renewal again.

Register with us and get reminded by email or SMS before it is due.

Did You Know?

Without your vehicle

registered you are


If you are uninsured 

bad things happen!


Can I get booked?

Yes without registration you will be fined.

Is there a late fee?

Yes you will need to pay up to $50 for late payments.

Is it worth the risk?